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Six myths of pest control

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Myth 1: cockroaches are run out of other people's homes, now the whole building have cockroaches, if others do not kill cockroach, their own one out of useless.
As is often reported in the news, the whole building was infested with cockroaches. That's not true.
The whole building would be ideal, of course, but if you were counting on everyone to kill the cockroaches, you would miss the opportunity to kill yourself. There were also quite a few families who expected the government to distribute the bomb bomb chemicals free of charge and unified the bug destruction. It's your duty to eliminate pests. You can't expect the government to pay for everything.
Once cockroaches flood the whole building, the victims are every family. This is closely related to the inaction of every family. As long as you do not place the cockroach medicine scientifically, you have created a happy land for the cockroach epidemic. There is no reason to complain that you are the victim.
Cockroach killing is like installing a security door. The bomb bomb chemicals were placed scientifically on the Windows, gates, flues, air conditioning ducts, and other places to block the cockroaches' escape.
Myth 2. The residents in the building are relatively stable, and there are fewer rental houses. There is no need to overdo it. There is no need to give medicine in advance when there are no cockroaches. If you put your own medicine, you might end up with a cockroach.
Cockroaches are "fugitives", and are found in supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Cockroaches or cockroach egg clips may be brought to your home through depositories or whole boxes of goods, to hospital patients, in the ward cockroaches may also slip into your bag; The whole box of food may contain cockroaches or cockroach egg clips, which are inevitable.
Fight against cockroaches, to play a long war, especially downstairs have a restaurant family, must buy cockroach medicine in advance, scientific layout in the home. The commonly used cockroach poison, though called bait, is by no means intended to lure the cockroach to "come", but rather to drive it away by inducing it to take medicine, because once a member of the cockroach family is repeatedly killed, it will be removed. Therefore, the best way to kill cockroaches is to apply the drug in advance.
Myth 3. No cockroaches means no cockroaches.
Cockroaches like dark and wet, do not believe you get up at night, or move your refrigerator, to it to a sudden attack, see if there is!

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