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Outdoor camping equipment -- snake powder

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Speaking of outdoor camping is the most afraid of meeting predators and snakes and other animals, today I recommend a medicine can prevent snakes. In the past, if we met a poisonous snake, the first reaction is to kill it, in fact, this is not good, first, the snake is also an animal, it has a reason for survival; It is said that the most venomous snake in the world, the inland taipan snake, will die within 30 seconds if it bites it. Therefore, it is better to take precautions before doing so.
So what can be done to prevent snake attacks? Drive snake powder!
This is a kind of national patent dry powder for repelling snakes according to the unique and sensitive taste and smell characteristics of snakes. This product is the only commercialized snake repellent product in the Chinese market at present. It has high safety, will not harm and kill snakes, smell targeted, effective, retain for a long time, but also resistant to rain. Suitable for outdoor camping, mountain house protection, outdoor engineering, resort hotel and other public places where snakes may appear!
This product has three features:
Efficiency: the product adopts garlic extract, henna, jiangnan, rhizoma atractylodis, toxic heavy floor, Wolf, heartleaf houttuynia herb, angelica dahurica, lobelia, radix aristolochiae, seven leaves a flower, snakes out tian naxing twenty kinds of natural herbal plants (partial composition confidentiality) and minerals such as kaolin, sulfur as raw material, after repeated experiments matching and combination for snake jacobson nervous system such as interference effectively, so that the snakes away from fast, achieve efficient flooding of the snake, and experimental results show this product to the centipede, mice, ants, scorpions, gecko, toad, and other reptiles or crawler has a good drive effect.
2. Long-term effect: this product is in powder form, and the formula contains a strong hygroscopic component, which can quickly absorb the moisture on the ground, absorb the carbon dioxide from the air, fix it on the ground, keep it for a long time and endure rain, and the effective time is as long as 3 months in non-heavy rain or rainstorm weather.
3. Safety and environmental protection: this product USES natural Chinese medicine and plants as the effective ingredients, and the corresponding mineral raw materials are added. It is safe and environmental protection, and has no damaging effect on the nature, and will not harm or kill snakes.
Four, affordable price: a pack of only 20 yuan, think if you can take 20 yuan to avoid outdoor camping in the process of avoiding the risk of snakebite, who would not like it?
Specific application method of jichen snake repellent powder:
1. Outdoor camping:
At a distance of about 2 meters from the tent, spread a continuous continuous protective powder belt (circle) evenly around the tent to prevent the passage of snakes.
2. Amount of spreading:
It is suggested to spread the cloth with 30~50 grams per meter according to the length.
3. Regional protection:
In the area needing protection, dig a trench about 1-2 cm deep along the periphery of the area, and then scatter the snake repellent powder evenly into the trench to form a continuous protective powder belt to prevent the passage of the snake.
4. Applicable environment:
Outdoor camping, fishing, villas, resort hotels, golf courses, field projects, farms and so on.
User notes:
Snakes can be deadly!! Even small, grey snakes are dangerous. This product is intended only as a repellent against infesting snakes. Remember to use it for snake catching, snake playing and snake chasing protection. If you are bitten by a snake, seek medical advice immediately and take immediate and effective medical assistance.

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