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The child is mosquito proof, be burned badly! Just

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The child spreads the toilet water to be burned seriously! Just because mom is ignorant!
After dinner, the mother and the three-year-old baby sitting in front of the TV watching TV, suddenly the baby said mosquito bites, then, the mother to the child painted some toilet water, feel more mosquitoes in the room, the mother intends to burn mosquito incense, and then took a ring of mosquito incense and a lighter, squatting next to the child to light mosquito incense.
Did not expect to open a lighter, the three-year-old child began to scream, mother a look, the baby's left leg was on fire! Put out the fire and take the children to the hospital immediately.
The doctor shook his head after knowing the cause of the burn, but the parents did not even know this common sense!
Because the flower water contains 70% alcohol, easy to burn, after applying the flower water must not be near the open fire. The mother was flabbergasted when she heard the doctor say that, because she had never heard of it.
How to prevent mosquitoes in summer:
Which places would be "mosquito nests"? Remember! More water, more grass, more people, more mosquitoes...
Specifically speaking to the home, as long as there is water in the place, no matter the size of the area, will be targeted by mosquitoes spawn... For example: waste flowerpots in the small garden, water in the fish tank, aquatic plants raised at home, small trays to put up flowerpots, water to raise flowers in the sun... Are breeding places for mosquitoes ah!! Do not need to prevent midge, the plant in the home threw completely, you want to remember to clear regularly every week only, OK ~
Who do mosquitoes love best? Type A, B, O or AB?
Don't flatter the mosquitoes too much! We all have to go through a blood test to know things, how could they fly to your side, can sense? Not so magical! Scientists have proved that people who are attractive to mosquitoes have two characteristics: 1. People who exhale more carbon dioxide: for example, an athlete is more attractive to mosquitoes than a weak girl because he has a large lung capacity. 2, and the secretion of skin surface is concerned, secrete lactate, acetone (protein, fat metabolite) wait for secretion much person to like to attract mosquito more. For example: fat point, metabolic exuberant; Not fond of bathing; Meat-loving... It's a mosquito magnet.

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