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15 things you must know about mosquitoes that kill

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The number of deaths caused by mosquitoes each year can reach 725,000, which is quite amazing. Other animals don't have as many, like dogs that kill 25,000 people a year, lions that kill about 100 people a year, snakes that kill about 50,000 people a year.
Why does mosquito have so big lethality? There are two main reasons for this. The first is that every person is exposed to mosquitoes every year. Second, mosquitoes can transmit some diseases, including zika, yellow fever, dengue fever and encephalitis. Forty percent of the world's population is at risk from dengue, and every minute a child dies from malaria in Africa, so mosquito-borne diseases are very deadly.
At present, in summer, electric mosquito repellent incense tablets and insect repellent toilet water become the first choice for many people to fight mosquitoes at night. However, you may not know that mosquito repellent incense tablets, mosquito repellent toilet water and other pesticides are a category, improper use will be harmful to human health. An official guide to mosquito control has been released in Beijing.
This is the first time that the technical management department has issued the guidelines for the safe use of hygienic pesticides. This official guide introduces the public to the knowledge of hygienic insecticides, how to use mosquito repellent liquid, mosquito repellent liquid, mosquito repellent incense and aerosol.

Here are 15 things you should know about mosquitoes before you kill them

How long can mosquitoes live?

Mosquito life is very limited, the male than the female shorter, generally about three weeks. Mothers can live for more than a month, but live longer through the winter.

Why do mosquitoes suck blood?

In mosquito, only the female sucks blood, the male does not suck blood, and the female only in the ovary development, when gestates the baby only to suck blood. This is because mosquitoes need blood, a nutrient-rich food, when they are pregnant and their ovaries are developing. If only for their own survival, eat some nectar, juice can also make do.

Do mosquitoes really distinguish between blood types?

No, mosquitoes don't rely on blood types to find their victims.

How do mosquitoes find us?

Mosquito looks for blood-sucking object to be the carbon dioxide amount that relies on human body to excrete, the odour that sends out, body temperature to wait for a variety of mixed elements to find a person. Mosquito is exuberant to metabolism, perspire much, smell big have a special liking for. For example, babies, pregnant women, sweaty, strong men prefer mosquitoes.

Why does mosquito bite itch?

When a mosquito bites, it injects its saliva into the body through the tongue in the mouthpiece, preventing blood clotting and numbing the sensation. These chemicals trigger the body's immune system to produce histamine, which fights off foreign invaders. These reactions are known as itching.

How to prevent mosquito bites?

Home or office to install screen window screen door, sleep in the mosquito net, when necessary, can use mosquito batting, mosquito incense, insecticide. Wear light-colored clothes and pants when going out to minimize the amount of exposed skin.

How to stop itching quickly after being bitten by a mosquito?

The main treatment for mosquito bites is to relieve itching. Can besmear cool oil, essence of balm wait to stop urticant, fight phlogistic detumescence. If local infection occurs, severe swelling and fever, rash and other symptoms, must go to the hospital.

Why do mosquitoes like to bite at night?

Not all mosquitoes harass people at night. Among the common mosquitoes, culex, anopheles mosquitoes like to harass people at night, but aedes mosquitoes like to bite people during the day. Different mosquitoes have different hours of activity, and they know to avoid traffic jams by jumping off peak hours.

What plants repel mosquitoes?

In nature, there are many plant smells that mosquitoes do not like. But humans call them fragrances, and like them very much. In the home these odors are compared with the body odour that the person sends out, mosquito can avoid evil is good! As soon as the mosquito enters the house, it will go straight to the target and KISS directly at people, instead of managing the fragrance of flowers and grass that humans like.

But want to remind mankind, some sweet plant are put in the home also bad to mankind! It is a scientist can drive, the plant component that kills mosquito is extracted make mosquito repellent incense, avoid agent to deal with mosquito, this has menace to mosquito extremely.

Can 10 toilet water drive midge?

Ha ha, pure toilet water is no threat to mosquito. What mosquito is afraid of is to add DEET to wait for drive midge composition to have the flower dew water that drives bug ability. People give them a special name for this kind of flower water: repellent. Repellents keep mosquitoes away from people. 15 things you must know about mosquitoes that kill 725,000 people a year

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